Friday, July 26, 2013


I am so excited to announce that we are now officially (according to the DRC government)  the parents of our twins! Isaiah and Phoebe Freiberg! Well, their names aren't changed yet but that is who they are to us. I had a HUGE post all ready to publish on here about the next installment of our adoption story but this was too exciting that I had to post it instead! I'll post the other one soon.

CONA (which stands for "Certificate of Non Appeal") means that we have passed the court system in DRC and that after a 30 day wait period no one has come to reclaim the twins or stop the adoption so our adoption is legal, final, and irrevocable! So exciting! We have a skype meeting with our agency early tomorrow and I will find out if we can post pics of our little ones on here. 

But for now, here is a video of Es and I singing our special song with have for her "brother and sister" that we have been singing together almost daily since our referral. Enjoy!

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