Sunday, June 2, 2013

story side note: ethics and adoption agencies

Just wanted to write a short post that fits in the gap where I left off in our adoption story. If you are interested in adopting or are pursuing an adoption agency right now, PLEASE do your research! There is so much corruption out there, even in "Christian" or "well intentioned" agencies. I'll be sharing soon about the corruption of the first agency we started working with, but in the meantime I want to direct your attention to a recent blog post by Jen Hatmaker. It is a 3 part series (must read all THREE parts!) that talks about adoption ethics in a clear, honest, and hopeful way. You can start with part 1 here or link to it from my side-links on this blog.

Of note is an excellent list of questions in part 2 towards the bottom of the post to ask/ look for in an adoption agency. These things are not suggestions of a nice agency, they are MANDATORY you need to know about things.

The reason I am bringing all this up right now is that I have been really convicted lately about blindly going into adoption. Of course, as you will see throughout our narrative, this has already been a looooong process and we still have a lifetime of learning ahead of us! But I do think it is easy to just think "we need to rescue all the poor cute kids around the world out of their bad situations" instead of really making sure what we are doing isn't feeding into the cycle of poverty and corruption that caused them to be adoptable in the first place. I think adoption is obedience and I am not wanting to stop domestic or international adoptions at all! I just want to encourage us as believers to look at the whole process, the whole cycle, and think before we just react! Jen H says it all much better... just read the blog :)

More personal narrative coming soon....

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